Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What is Spiritual Counseling?

What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual counseling is a method designed to help a person awaken to the reality of “The One Life Principle.”

This ancient idea says that there is a single underlying power in the universe but the expression of this power takes many forms. Scientists call this power Energy, Nature, the Unified Field, or Consciousness. Theologians call it God or Spirit.

This power expresses itself as you, me and everyone and everything else in the Universe. When we wrap our minds around this simple premise, we realize that because everyone and everything comes from the same spiritual source, we are all spiritual. If we all come from the same spiritual source, then there is no separation — not only between us and God — but between us and anyone or anything else.

Like computers hooked up to a network server, each one of us has access to any and all information stored in the spiritual database of the Universe. As a result, we are inherently able to directly communicate with God/Spirit and all of its creations. As expressions of spiritual energy, we can do and be whatever we want. On the deepest spiritual level, we are not stuck, isolated, alone or being punished.

The goal of spiritual counseling is to wake up to our own underlying divine power and express ourselves as spiritual human beings. The reward of spiritual counseling is realizing that there is no upward limit to what we can experience, do or be.  With this realization, we can go forth in the world with confidence, inner peace, and deep and abiding love for all that is.